Andrew Wetmore

Cottage 14
Clementsport, Nova Scotia
Andrew Wetmore
Andrew Wetmore
I have been writing and editing for over forty years, in professional positions such as software documentation specialist and newspaper editor, and as a freelance editor working with many clients. I maintain a high-ranked profile on the Upwork freelance site. Currently (2022) most of my work is for Moose House Publications, a publisher in Nova Scotia, and for the Apache Software Foundation, one of the largest organizations developing and distributing free and open-source software.

I have difficulty restraining myself to, say, proofreading when working with a manuscript, because I feel an obligation to point out structural and other changes that might improve the document’s chances of delivering effectively what its author wants to say. My goal at all times is to help the text become clearer and stronger without undercutting the author’s message or blurring their distinctive ‘voice’.

I live in Canada, but spent many decades in the United States, so can edit for either audience (‘lift’ or ‘elevator’; ‘colour’ or ‘color’).

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