Candida Hadley

Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Candida Hadley
I am an experienced academic/nonfiction editor specializing in works that engage critically with social and political issues, such as racism, anti-Black racism, colonialism, white supremacy, gender and sexuality, and poverty. I work on both academic texts and narrative nonfiction, including memoirs. Whatever you’re writing, I focus on helping you build strong, convincing arguments that are expressed clearly and passionately.

I worked as a developmental editor with a local academic/social justice publisher for more than a decade. I acquired, developmentally edited, and line edited manuscripts, evaluated proposals, and consulted with authors about their work. I also wrote marketing materials and grant applications, and did freelance copyediting and proofreading.

“Candida is an amazing editor. She challenged me to do better, to be more critical, and more intellectually rigorous while she somehow simultaneously made me feel very much capable of those things. She deeply challenged me to do better while encouraging me and boosting my confidence, helping me feel capable of meeting the challenges she set. Both direct and gentle, she helped distill my muddy thoughts and messy ideas into something I feel very proud of. She made me a better writer, communicator, storyteller going forward. I am really, really grateful to her and excited for any writers who get the chance to work with her!” Jen Gobby, author

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