Fazeela Jiwa

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Fazeela Jiwa
Fazeela Jiwa
I’m a writer and editor with a special interest in social justice and radical politics. Specifically, I am an Acquisitions and Development Editor with Fernwood Publishing, and I do developmental and copy editing on a freelance basis for publishers, magazines, and individual authors. I'm certified through Simon Fraser University’s professional editing certification program, and I’m a member of Editors Canada.

Acquisitions editing refers to developing relationships with potential authors and their brilliant thinking. If you’ve got a book idea, send me a note at fazeela@fernpub.ca.

Developmental editing (or structural editing) deals with the overall structure and flow of the narrative, focusing on organization (reordering, cutting, elaborating).

Copy editing is line-by-line editing for flow of language, focusing on grammar, style, consistency, and accuracy. Book-length projects as well as articles benefit from this detailed editing.

My areas of specialty include feminism, anti-racism, political economy, literary studies, and poetry.

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