Molly Rookwood

Rookwood Editing
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Molly Rookwood
Molly Rookwood
I am a graduate of Ryerson University's publishing certificate program, the 2021-2023 co-chair of Editors Atlantic, and the owner and founder of Rookwood Editing. I live in Halifax with my partner and our cat, Zoe, and I love editing romance novels, fantasy, and science fiction. Before deciding to become an editor, I wrote my thesis on social criticism in Jane Austen, and I revisit her books at least once a year. In my free time, I read, write, sing, and play board games, video games, and D&D.

While I specialize in genre fiction, I have experience working with fiction of many genres, from video game transcripts to romance novels to legal fiction. I love both short stories and long-form fiction, and I offer professional beta reading, substantive editing, stylistic editing, and copyediting. I do not edit horror.

When I meet a potential client, I take time to get to know the writer and the project to make sure that I am the best editor for the job. I have a phone or video call with any new client to learn about their manuscript and their hopes for its future, and I explain how my editing process works so everyone is on the same page.

Language is not neutral, and its editors should not be, either. As an editor, I value and edit content about characters and by writers of all sexualities, gender identities, and cultures. I affirm and support diversity and representation in literature, and I edit under the principles of care, inclusivity, and conscious language.

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