Nicola Aquino

Spit & Polish Editing
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Nicola Aquino
Nicola Aquino
I bring a combination of professional skills and reader acumen to every manuscript I edit. After over 40 years of reading speculative fiction, some superb and some less so, I have internalized an understanding of what makes a good story. Adding professional training, and critical reading skills honed during my years as a student of science, allows me to identify the how and why of a good story. I have strong language skills, an innate eye for inconsistencies and a scientist’s desire for clarity.

I provide Story Editing of fiction, especially speculative fiction (Sci-Fi and Fantasy). I will work with you to polish the story, whatever it needs. We’re a team: I will respect your voice as an author, but I will also advocate for your reader.

  • Need a consistency check-up? I can help.
  • Need plot holes identified? I can help.
  • Need wordiness or repetitiveness trimmed? I can help.
  • Need pacing reviewed? I can do that too.
  • I also offer a Professional Beta Reading and can produce Timeline and Realm Guides on request.

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