Nora Adshade

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nora Adshade
Nora Adshade
As an LGBT+ editor and writer, I know the power of words. I help writers like you make your writing kinder for your readers, whether that means fixing grammatical errors that could trip up your reader, or ensuring all language is inclusive. I have a BA from Dal, majoring in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Classics. I am currently enrolled in SFU's Certificate of Editing. I live in Halifax, use she/her pronouns, and am a bi ace member of the LGBT+ community.

I ensure that all language in any document is LGBT+ inclusive. That can be as simple as advising on how best to use gender inclusive pronouns in technical documents (tip: ‘they’ over ‘s/he’), or as complex as completing a structural edit to help create a novel that includes characters or situations that are anti-LGBT+ while still showing through the narrative the importance of LGBT+ rights.

As you might imagine, that mission statement includes most documents. And although I specialize in plain-language documents, academic writing about literature, creative nonfiction, poetry, and fiction, I am willing to work on most other types of documents. I offer a full gamut of editing services, as well as plain-language content creation, fact checking, and web services. Send me an email about your project to see if I’m a fit.

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